who we are

We are a web design company and specialists in the field of web development and have been since 2006. You need only look at our incredibly talented team to see the benefit in allowing us to help you take over the world! And, to be frank, that’s what you want.

By having a team of experts all under one roof, we make it as easy as possible for you to get the website you want.


The internet is fast becoming the first place people look for products or services, and the online world is incredibly competitive. Therefore, it is vital that your business has an online presence and that you can be found.

As a cutting-edge web design company we will build you a website that draws customers and one that changes and grows with you. Your business is your business; letting everyone know about your business is our business.

We will make sure you stand out from the crowd. Whether you want crazy and quirky, or formal and fastidious, we can make it happen.

the process

01. Scoping

This is the most important part of the process, so we do it first and we do it right. An extensive questionnaire, multiple meetings, phone calls and email allow us to map out the requirements of the project. Giving you all the information and guidance you need and allowing you to make the best decisions, then documenting and drilling down on all the components for the project means you know exactly what will go into your project and exactly what will come out.

02. Materials Gathering

Now we know what is needed, we go about getting it. We gather all the content, imagery, branding specs, software etc. in conjunction with you so we can power through the rest of the project without delay.

03. Design

Our specialist graphic and web designers work with you to create the look and feel for your project. Using your current branding, specifications, desires wishes and dreams we go back and forth with draft designs tweaking and changing with your feedback to get the perfect design for you.

04. Build

Once we have the design and all the materials – all systems are go. Our team will go ahead and build your website based on the specifications that have been agreed.

05. Revision

Before your website goes live, you get a chance to fully review and tweak it. We provide you with a test link and you go through systematically approving or requesting changes to each component.

06. Completion

Once you are completely happy with your website, we put it on the internet where it can start working for you!

07. Promotion & Improvement

Contrary to popular belief, the website process does not stop there! We work with you to continuously promote and improve your website. Whether you integrate with facebook, improve rankings in google, add a shopping cart or send out email campaigns – Websites Made Easy acts as your online marketing partner.

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